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    Asserting women’s rights and promoting gender equality are not only Taiwan’s fundamental state policies which are regulated in the Constitution, but also are crucial human rights indicators of modern democracy countries. Taiwan Women’s Movements have developed for more than thirty years. In 1997, the central government established a cross-ministries committee, namely, the Committee of Women's Rights Promotion (CWRP). The major goal of this foundation is to promote and implement women policies as well as gender issues in order to ensure that women status and gender equality policies in Taiwan are on the same track as the international society.

    In order to comply with the developing trend of this era, to enhance the connection and communication between women organizations in Taiwan and international women organizations, to present the achievement of women’s rights promotion in Taiwan, and to establish a platform for women organizations in Taiwan to participate the worldwide women’s rights dialogue, in the 23rd committee meeting, the CWRP decided to establish a national level women’s center. Through the coordination of the Ministry of Interior, related governmental sectors frequently discussed and planned together. As the result, the Taiwan Women’s Center was established on March 8th, 2008.Currently, the Taiwan Women’s Center is run by the “Foundation for Women’s Rights Promotion and Development ” (FWRPD). It is expected, under the gender mainstreaming policy guidance, to integrate non-governmental participation, to bridge women’s organizations in Taiwan, and to be the national image center of Taiwan women’s rights and gender equality.

    It is Taiwan Women’s Center’s sincere hope to work/be together with our ten million female fellows in Taiwan. Taiwan Women’s hopes to witness the development of gender equality in Taiwan, to initiate the new era of women’s movement and gender equality, and to move toward the new era of equal participation of women and men in all decision-making processes with all Taiwanese women.

Women's Participation in International Society and Organizational Connection
There are two conference rooms in the center, and both are equipped for providing a comfortable conference environment. The Library Multimedia Reading Area collects numerous and various books, journals, and resources in Chinese as well as in other languages. This area could provide the government, non-governmental women organizations, and research centers a space to exchange information, discuss issues, and to be the reception place for foreign guests in order to present the achievement of promoting women and gender affairs in Taiwan. 

Research and Development Tools for Gender Equality 
The center will collaborate non-governmental organizations to operate together, at the same time, the center will provide space for rent, training volunteer guides, conducting gender and women issues related training, as well as studying and developing tools for promoting gender mainstreaming, and collecting date for gender mainstreaming. It is our sincere hope that this center will be able to promote gender mainstreaming in Taiwan. 
Women/Gender Education and Publicity
The center will plan to organize gender issues forum, as well as historical data collecting courses. The aim of these courses is to empower staffs of women’s organizations to obtain professional knowledge about collecting women historical data. In addition, considering women’s needs of using the facilities, the center provides female friendly facilities such as “nursery room” and “family reading area” to welcome adults and children to visit this center and learn together.

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Taiwan Women's Center / Foundation for Women's Rights Promotion and Development

Address: 9F., No.15, Sec. 1, Hangzhou S. Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100, Taiwan
Opening Hours: Mon.~ Fri. 9:00-18:00 (except national holidays)
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